Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum stay required?
  • What does the monthly rental fee include?
  • Are there any extra expenses?
  • Is there a deposit of guarantee necessary?
  • Are there apartments available?
  • What are the sizes of the apartments?
  • What is the ideal number of guests allowed in each apartment type?
  • Are there fitness facilities provided?
  • Is car parking available?
  • Are pets allowed?
Yes, the 1-bedroom apartments require a minimum stay of 3 months, whereas the 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments require a minimum stay of 6 months.
All the services mentioned in the section “Apartments / Included services”.
All associated costs are included. There may be the extra costs for services provided by the Hotel, depending on the wishes of the tenant. See section “Apartments / Additional services”.
Yes, we request a deposit of 2 monthly rent.
We would be pleased to give you all information regarding availability and we kindly ask you to contact us by phone or e-mail.
There are three types of apartments: one, two and three bedroom apartment, with sizes that vary from 54 to 157 sqm.
Each apartment covers the following number of guests:
1-Bedroom: 2 Guests
2-Bedroom: 4 Guests
3-Bedroom: 6 Guests
Yes, indoor swimming pool, relax corner and fitness corner are at your disposal free of charge, from 7am to 8pm.
We provide one car park in the underground garage of the Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola, at the cost of CHF 200.-/month.
Unfortunately pets are not allowed.